Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer the most common questions about NFTGenie, if you have any other question or things what we can change to make a better user experience we kindly ask you to submit it here

NFTGenie is a advanced NFT tool and a NFT Calendar that you can use to snipe for the best NFT drops and projects, we give you a pro view of the project in one view!

If your project has already been released (minted), it is a project. Otherwise it is a drop.

NFTGenie does charge a listing fee to get your project live on NFTGenie, and we have promotions for the projects that want to gain more hype.

To list your own NFT drop you can click here
To list your own NFT project you can click here

We intergrated Web3 in our listing page to pay the fee we charge for listening a NFT drop project.

We let a person check the Hype around a project, so on Twitter for some will check the retweets, Likes, followers etc. We also look if there is a Hype in the Discord and some website data.