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Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums is the 1st Community-Driven NFT Project promoting and empowering mental health awareness and addiction recovery. Infinite Possumbilities

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 5
There is a Hype!
  • Mint price: .08ETH
  • Collection supply: 12000
  • Status: Good building



Produce Artwork, website, smart contract deployment.Establish Social Media networks (IG, Twitter, Reddit, Discord), adopt influencers.

12k minting 09 September 2022 @ 1200 EST, pre-sale 07 September 2022 @ 1200EST

Free ETH and NFTs to holders during minting. Awesome Possums NFT will offer giveaways to early supporters and adopters.

First (of many) generous donation to a Mental Health or Addiction Recovery focused charity.

10 Giveaways (Luxury Vacation/Season Tickets/Music Festival Tickets…winner’s discretion) to 10 lucky Awesome Possums holders.

Release 2k hyper-realistic Awesome Possums & offering free therapist / counselor on discord

Merch Store - We will produce EXCLUSIVE merch & apparel for ‘Awesome Possums’ holders. Expect random giveaways of merch depicting holders particular NFT.

1x 10 ETH giveaway on every 5k trading cycle to the traders of that session on opensea.

5x $10k scholarships aimed towards low income students and families.

The Road Ahead…

Launch a charity focused on addiction recovery. We are looking to sponsor 100% costs for addicts seeking treatment programs.

Development of a VR game & animated series (Awesome Possums: The Road). We're coming for the Metaverse.

The ‘Awesome Possum Podcast’ giving a platform to fully recovered addicts to share their road to recovery in hopes to inspire change.

More giveaways, exclusive meetups, charitable donations & scholarships. This will be the never ending road. Our goal is to help out as many lives possible & create poss'itive change for humanity.




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