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Black is Beautiful

Black is Beautiful is a stunning depiction of the raw emotions of Black Americans navigating both the joys and struggles of everyday life in America. This collection of 1000 unique, one-of-one NFT’s is more than just collectible art - each NFT tells its own story. The images are playful, heartwarming, wholesome, provocative, and inspiring. Collectors will benefit from one-of-a-kind art, community, education, access, events, and special experiences. With a mission of expanding representation, the collection will also be partnering with select HBCUs to further help communities of color with access, education, and insights to empower the next generation of creators and collectors.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 3
Hype can be better
  • Mint price: 0.5ETH
  • Collection supply: 1000
  • Status: They can be big


In an effort to reward holders and establish a passionate community of collectors, Black is Beautiful will provide its holders with benefits including:

One-of-a-kind art, including IP rights
Signed physical prints
Web 3 Education
Exclusive Access to Physical and Metaverse Live Events & Celebrity Parties
Branded Apparel
JaRule Exclusive Companion Music NFT
… and other special experiences




10 people


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