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Clock Boys

Clock Boys are a collection of clock characters designed by SE Architect MiloFromFuture and minted as NFTs. Very similar from your clock at home, their standard bases are brought to life and constructed from various accessories, colours facias, arms, legs, backgrounds and, of course, their own random times shown on the clock itself. Get your very own limited edition Clock Boy soon.

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  • Mint price: 0.04ETH
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Status: Just started


Clock Boy owners will get exclusive access to Gen.2 NFTs, Clock Girls. There will only be a collection that is limited to the number of unique holders of Clock Boys (i.e. 6414 holders = 6414 NFTs). We will continue to create art and work on developing & growing our community and the Clock brand. We look forward to opening an online gift shop with an array of products & collectibles that will include actual Clock Boy alarm clocks along with other items like apparel, stickers, and more! We have many ideas for the future of Clock Boys, so join us on this journey as we launch our project and expand the Clock Boys union.
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