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The beauty of the formula or an equation is seen by few, whereas the art is open to many. Our ultimate goal is to translate the language of mathematics into the language of art, let the machine speak out, let the machine create. It is a revolutionary approach to the act of creating itself. Machine learning gives us a chance to perceive the world differently. Software strings turn into fanciful whimsy sceneries, formulae become phantasmagoric creatures that a human’s mind cannot even comprehend.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 3
Hype can be better
  • Mint price: 0.1ETH
  • Collection supply: 1000
  • Status: They can be big


-The first drop includes 1000 amazing NFTs at 0.1 ETH per item and with mass reveal.
-When a quarter of the collection is sold out, we creating the community vault.
-As 50% of collection has been sold out, we will announce raffles.
-When 75% percent has been sold out, regular floor sweeps for our project will be held along with collaboration projects.
-We'll share a sneak peek of the next collection with you and announce the launch date when our current collection has been completely sold out.




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