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Degen Project

Alpha 🧠 | Community πŸ₯ƒ | Apps πŸ’Ύ Veteran web2.0 biz/tech/mktg team bringing BIG DEGEN ENERGY ...with education, resources, apps, WL opps, and more to a tight knit web3 community. Future drops, and app access included for OG DPNFT holders! BDE PREMINT list signup in discord has already begun (act fast, extremely limited qty release)

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 1
Just started
  • Mint price: .06969ETH
  • Collection supply: 690
  • Status: Just started


Q2 2022 (April)
Phase 69:
>> BDE Marketing (big degen energy and pre-mint signup)
>> Overflow List Pre-mint
>> Public Mint

Post Launch:
>> Open discord to alpha, members area, and resources for DPNFT holders
>> Voting on first micro utility app
>> Begin dev on group voted utility
>> Begin WL outreach and community discounts for premium apps

Q2 2022- Q3 2022
Phase 420:
Second 690 "community" release. Guaranteed premint for holders. Funds earmarked for extensive app dev.

Q4 2022 - Q1 2023
>>Member project incubator
>>Full generative release.




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