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Desperate Degens

FREE MINT for those who are DESPERATE. 3000 NFTs. Join the club and SHARE YOUR DESPAIR.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 2
Grinding for Hype
  • Mint price: 0ETH
  • Collection supply: 3000
  • Status: Grinding


STEP 1: Desperation is rewarded. We offer giveaways and raffles and reward desperate degens with whitelist spots for our free mint.

STEP 2: Free mint with 3000 Desperate Degens NFTs.

STEP 3: Owning a Desperate Degens NFT makes you a member of our miserable club. Members have access to the club’s server, where we share tales about how we got rekt in the past, and warn each other for mistakes and scams. We listen, share our despair, share memes, and learn from each other’s mistakes.

STEP 4: Memes contest and Desperate Degens merch.

STEP 5: Rekt Lambo NFT collection with 3000 NFTs. This will be another free mint and owning a Desperate Degens NFT automatically puts you on the whitelist.




5 people


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