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Eddy is a llama - a llama who wants to discover the city. He traveled from the mountains to the city to discover the modern world and to find new friends. Exciting developments that keep expanding the city and creating new cities. Eddy wants to open a shop and thus connect the real world with the NFT world. Small steps forward until Eddy is known - in the city and in real life. Help Eddy make decisions as a friend - the more friends Eddy has - the greater the deeds we start together! All decisions are discussed and decided with all friends. Let's bring the city to reality and NFT not just be an online thing. Eddy's to do list: one among 3210 great friends give 160 Sol. open webshop with NFT motif and NFC tag sewn in. glue the real life full

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 2
Grinding for Hype
  • Mint price: 1.11ETH
  • Collection supply: 3210
  • Status: Grinding


PHASE1 Preparation and community building

- Mint Price 1.11 Sol

- Whitelist Price 0.99Sol

PHASE2 Gather energy and NFT listing on different platforms.

- At the same time, a shop to transfer the NFT world into real life. ( Poster with your NFT, Merch )

- The most important thing is that we will invest money to make posters available for free so that you can cover your city with them. This strengthens our project and the next. NFT must find its place in real life!

PHASE3 Raffle of the winner. The sum is high and should motivate Eddy to remain his friend.

- and various competitions (merch)

PHASE4 Planning the expansion of our city. New dude, new city... the community decides how, what and where. Eddy is not forgotten, but gains Dudes!

PHASE5 Soldude 2 goes online - with your ideas and even stronger than the first project. Through your ideas and your investment and the experience that Eddy has gained with you!




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