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Etherfishing's Season 5

Season 5 is starting 5/13 @ 5 PM EST/9PM UTC! 2500 NFTs to be caught including the MOST Golden Etherfish that players have seen yet! Over 10 Players have caught one of these Jackpots on their very 1st FREE Cast! is a Free-2-Play NFT Fishing Game played in Seasons. Play the Game on Desktop or Mobile to take a chance at catching Etherfish NFTs or Golden Etherfish backed hundreds of dollars worth of Enjin Coin. Even the normal NFTs are backed by some Enjin Coin allowing for Real Price floors!

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 5
There is a Hype!
  • Mint price: 0ETH
  • Collection supply: 2500
  • Status: Good building


Breeding Mechanic
Allow two fish of the same species to breed together to create another Etherfish NFT!

Eating Mechanic
Allow one fish to eat another to gain all unique traits from eaten fish plus a "Eaten #" trait to increase your chance at catching a Golden Etherfish. Eat up to 5 other fish!

Private Fishing Locations
Limited Pool of NFTs for each Boat NFT holders and collaborations!

Upgrade Etherfish Breeding
Add in a method to charge other players to Breed with your Etherfish!

Fish from Other Player’s Tanks
Add in a method to set your price for other players to take a chance at catching from your pool!




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