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Etherfishing's Season 7

The Theme of this Season is PIRATES! The Open Blue - 5000 NFTs to catch including 30 Golden Etherfish(Jackpots redeemable for crypto)! Top Catch is worth hundreds of $Dollars! is a Free-2-Play NFT Fishing Game played in Seasons. Play the Game on Desktop or Mobile to take a chance at catching Etherfish NFTs or Golden Etherfish backed by Enjin Coin, creating for Real Price floors! Once players have Etherfish NFTs, they can use them to EARN in a variety of ways! 1. Breeding 2. Eating other NFTs for deflation 3. Selling on the market 4. Set your Price to Earn from other players! Sign-up Here! ->

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 3
Hype can be better
  • Mint price: 0ETH
  • Collection supply: 5000
  • Status: They can be big


Check out our full Roadmap here:
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We have several more awesome updates to both our game and website that will bring huge value to the players. Etherfishing's World Tour Starts Season 9!




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