WHAT IS HUSKYHOLDERS? I'lL jUsT sCrEeNsHoT iT fOr FrEe. Ever heard that? Well this collection (as amazing as Dave is) is more than just a series of images on the blockchain. Each HuskyHoldersNFT is a lottery ticket that NEVER EXPIRES! HuskyHoldersNFT are on the Solana blockchain and will be bought and sold using SOL. By holding a Husky you're automatically entered into the lottery. 20 holders will win a % of the weekly trading volume every Saturday! If you are one of our winners your SOL winnings will be sent to your wallet Have you ever bought a lottery ticket before? That enters you into a one time lottery draw for one day. HuskyHolders takes that concept but makes it even better! Own at least one NFT and be entered into draws WEEKLY

Hyped ratio 1/10:
Hype can be better
  • Mint price: 0.3SOL
  • Collection supply: 3303
  • Status: They can be big


First on the agenda is marketing. We are working to collab with many projects on the solana blockchain to spread the word of our project along with also being able to shed light on other projects in the space that are all about their communities. ( Don't worry we will be doing our research to make sure they are fully legit projects as well) We are trying our best to keep growth as organic as possible so we are avoiding using paid promotion for this project so we do rely on our members to spread the word and let the world know we're coming!

Game Night - Free and Paid Entry

One way we are looking to market our project is through game nights. 4 times a week we will host a game night on the HuskyHolders Discord server. In the hours leading up to the game polls will be held on the server and on twitter to decide what games we should play that night. All games will be available on mobile/web for all players to be able to participate. 3 of the 4 game nights will be free entry and the prizes will be either $SOL or WL the on the last game night of the week a Paid Entry event will take place where the participants must pay 0.1 $SOL to participate in the game however the prizes will be much much higher i.e 75% of the pot + WL and also more people will be able to win e.g. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Next up is Mint. Mint date is still currently TBA. Mint price will be 0.25 Sol and there will be no whitelisting to make it fair for all to get their hands on a piece as we understand work lives can take up a lot of our time. After we have launched, assuming we sell out of all 3333 pieces on mint day we will be holding a raffle for 2 people who minted to win either a PS5 or an Xbox Series X.

First Lottery Draw
The following day we will host our first lottery draw where 20 holders will win a portion of the funds accumulated from the mint event. This could be anywhere from £20 to £20,000 it all depends on the hype and love this project receives.




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