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Lonely Stoner Dude | Hustlers Edition

We are super excited to announce the Lonely Stoner Dude Hustlers Drop will be released on May 4th! Yes, you guessed it, alright. Get your hyperspace-powered vehicles (blunts, joints, bongs & pipes) ready we are going to cyberspace! The collection will feature 150 truly unique Lonely Stoner Dudes with a space traveler twist! These will be unique gems hidden in the collection, but the majority will be the kick-ass lonely stoner dudes you all got to meet and love! We got another sprint to go, so may the fourth be with you, friends! Lonely Stoner Dude (LSD) is a set of four collections, adding up to the total of 10,420 NFTs - unique digital collectibles pushing the limits of reality on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 3
Hype can be better
  • Mint price: 0.025ETH
  • Collection supply: 150
  • Status: They can be big


To get whitelisted join our discord and say hello!

We have over 470 traits for the entire lot of 10,420. That is quite a lot by any generative art collection standards, which means we have a wide selection of traits and verities to be seen, to be exact, around 6 trillion possible outcomes. So whoow, that's a lot, we know!

We have decided to break down the collection into 4 drops, wherein in each drop, we can select specific features we would like to occur more. The rare features will be more abundant per capita in the first three drops. But we will also include new features in every single drop, leaving you with something iconic every round!

All LSD holders, regardless of the drop sequence, will get full access to the benefits of the community and the road map activations. However, early supporters will undoubtedly get a more active voice in the project's direction.

10% We list the project on Rarity Tools.
20% We Airdrop 3 lonely stoners to lucky LSD holders.
30% We Airdrop 2 lonely stoners as giveaways to engaged fans.
40% We hire community managers and moderators for Discord.
50% We Airdrop 3 lonely stoners to lucky LSD holders.
60% We Airdrop 2 lonely stoners as giveaways to engaged fans.
70% We create the LSD Cannabis Infused Cookbook.
80% We launch members-only merch store.
90% We donate 40 ETH to a cause selected by the community.
100% We build the virtual lighthouse.




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