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Metaverse Players

Metaverse Players by Butcher Billy imagines all the things a Player can be — gamers, athletes, musicians, actors, executives, icons, soldiers, romantics, machines, and more. Inspired by the imagery and lore from Royal Society’s genesis works and co-launched in partnership with House of First — the third collection continuing House of First’s mission of welcoming prolific artists into the NFT space. The MVP collection is filled with stories of mystery, espionage, conflict, and power. With notable nods to pop culture and comics, Butcher Billy’s collection brings beloved elements of music, cinema, art, literature, and games to life in the Metaverse and beyond with more than 300 hand drawn generated traits.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 4
They are growing fast
  • Mint price: .05ETH
  • Collection supply: 6500
  • Status: Starting to become big


Your Metaverse Players NFT is not only a unique piece of art, but doubles as your identity and access into a social club that creates new connections and lifelong friendships among a global community of professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders.

Ready to Play? The fun starts with our first game, NFT Re-Roll, where you can opt-in to replace your MVP up to three times in our online NFT Re-Roll game held at days 7, 30 and 90 post reveal.

Now that you’ve found your match, you will enter the Metaverse as your alter ego (Player, Partier, Gamer, Royal, etc.) and challenge yourself and others using companion NFT game pieces in regular games, puzzles, and competitions. Let’s see how high you can get on the leaderboard.

But don’t forget that your MVP doesn’t need to just live in the Metaverse. Bring your character to life with the benefit of full IP rights, creating everything from derivative art, to personalized clothing, pop up events, product packaging, or even your own brand inspired by your NFTs. Throw on your personalized MVP merch and keep your Player close for VIP access to IRL events and meet-ups globally including NFT NYC, Art Basel, SXSW, NFT LA, and more.

Finally, your Player’s journey doesn’t end there. Together, all MVPs will unite to make the world a better place by giving 10% of the revenue received from secondary sales to a charitable cause as voted on by the community. What will that cause be? That’s up to you.




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