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A Chicken that inhaled Polluted Air went out one day when it was pouring radioactive rain. It had some Burnt Corn for breakfast and accidentally stomped on some Cracked Eggshells and lost balance falling into a bucket of Mixed Splashed Colors…. Suddenly, out of the bucket…a Nugget came out! Nuggetz is a Hand Drawn collection of 8888 + 200 super rare pcs ready to take over the NFT-World. With over 1500 traits and accessories they are prepared to Lighten up this World and put a smile on everybody. Oh wait…. there´s more?! Check:

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 6
Some people Love it!
  • Mint price: 0.145ETH
  • Collection supply: 9088
  • Status: Great marketing


0% - Hatching (Introduction)
10% - Community (Discord – Twitter – Instagram) 88k Discord – 44k Twitter – 44k Instagram
ALSO - Influencers, Celebrities and other NFT Project Collabs.
20% - Perks & Deals (Deals all over the world – Perks Al over the world) Raffles (1k – 15k) worth of stuff.
30% - Lil Nuggetz (Collection of 4444 Lil Nuggetz) & Lil Nuggetz Raffles!
40% - Physical & Virtual Events (Travel, Meet-up, Events)
50% - Comic Book & APP (Story of Nuggetz and APP preparing for Merch and Deals/Perks)
60% - Merch Part 1: (Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories) Part 2: TOYS, Children’s Costumez, coloring books, stickers.
70% - Charity & Donation
80% - NUGGETZ(COIN) (Release Its own Crypto Coin)
90% - Help people in need (Schools, money, donations, charity work together (We pay for Travel and Hotel)
100% -Future Planning together!




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