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Otaku Pandaz

Our goal is to bring passive income for the members of the community for many years to come (longer than 10). Each Panda will be rewarded on a Daily and Quarterly basis, this perk is exclusive to our Genesis collection owners. Monthly giveaways will be held with 10 unique winners paid in ETH. On the first of every month we will make donations with 10% of our revenue to charities chosen by holders.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 2
Grinding for Hype
  • Mint price: 0.1ETH
  • Collection supply: 5555
  • Status: Grinding


2022 Q2: $Bamboo token for daily rewards
2022 Q2: DeFi project release to generate monthly passive income.
2022 Q3: First Quarterly dividend paid out in ETH to holders.
2022 Q3: Merch store with free item for all holders.
2022 Q4: Mutated collection (Only eligible for monthly giveaways)




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