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Party Potato Club

Party Potato Club is a community driven NFT project that rewards its holders with passive income opportunities, free NFT airdrops from our future collections, with genuine utility in the space. Our teams’ long-term goals are divided into two: first and foremost, we want to create a strong, friendly, authentic community that helps one another. Our second goal is to develop Potato Town in the metaverse, which is where we see the future of the NFT space. In our vision, we see our community members hangout together in the metaverse, attend holder events, and possibly even work in a town we established together from scratch. The endgame is to have the first party club in the Metaverse created for our community members called “Party Potato Club"

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Just started
  • Mint price: 0.065ETH
  • Collection supply: 8888
  • Status: Just started


Q2 2022: Public sale+Discord market bots
Q3 2022: Party Potato Club staking platform for holders
Q4 2022: Party Potato Club marketplace to use your tokens for some unique features to interact with your NFT
Q3 2022, Q4 2022, Q1 2023: Future collections drops of derivative collections of PPC (Buff potatoes, Loaded Potatoes, 3D Potatoes) which will be claimed uniquely
Q2 2023: Party Potato Club will open in the Metaverse
Q3 2023: Potato Town will open in the Metaverse




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