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Pixel Skull Art Collective

We're a collective of global creatives & creators, launching our art space & NFT platform with our debut exhibition „Skulls“, showcasing 444 NFT artworks made by 52 interdisciplinary artists from around the globe. The platform’s goal: a new destination for art collectors to meet artists. The Pixel Skull Art Collective invites artists & collectors to experience a collective journey through art, providing them with a virtual museum space. The collective will serve as a matchmaker between artists & art enthusiasts, skipping the traditional middle-men. The core Pixel Skull crew is a group of creative professionals from around the globe, with a vast portfolio of projects and experience.

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2022 Q3 — Launch “SKULLS” NFT Collection
2022 Q3 — Physical Exhibitions in Germany,
2022 Q4 — Physical Exhibitions in Portugal, Japan, US
2022 Q4 — Launch of our Book (Physical)
2022 Q4 — Development of Brand Partnerships
2023 Q1 — Rolling out Quarterly Exhibition Calendar for the Year
2023 Q2 — Start Development Pixel Skull Virtual Art Spaces




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