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Who is Rumpel? Rumpel was born in the streets. And as a street art character, you're lucky enough to travel the world: New York, Paris, Amsterdam, London, you name it. And of course, my hometown Prague. 
 The art collective Life is Porno has also put him in a nice spot. He was featured on their collections in many creative ways. Can you imagine that 1000s of people are wearing me on their heads? And many of them even have a tattoo of me on their skin? Sick.

 Supply: 4321 
Presale price: 0.069 eth Public price: 0.087 eth

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 3
Hype can be better
  • Mint price: 0.069ETH
  • Collection supply: 4321
  • Status: They can be big


Rumpel IRL Exhibitions
Our art collective is famous for its legendary events and parties. We’ll organize an exhibition in Prague for holders only, in cooperation with Cryptoportal NFT gallery in May, right after the drop. Another exhibition is planned for Q4 in NYC.

Utility: Rumpel Experiences

Many traits will get access to specific experiences all over the world. Hint: we collaborate closely with well-known chefs, bartenders, baristas, as well as tattoo artists, designers and brands. All Rumpels will have several advantages attached to them. And we’ll create a website where the traits & utilities will be easily searchable.

Streetwear & Accessories

Functional streetwear and accessories are something we’ve been doing for ten years. Our limited collections are usually sold out quickly.

Token gated e-shop

First things first - we’ll need to take care of some basics, such as token gated e-shop and crypto payments.

Airdrops & Collabs

Everything we’ll release in the NFT space and the Metaverse will have the holders-first approach. Many of our artists are preparing amazing NFT drops and Rumpel holders will be getting cool airdrops and pre-sale spots.

Forbidden Spot in the Metaverse

The Forbidden Spot in Prague is a synonym for creativity. An art gallery, streetwear hub, formerly also a co-working space, an event venue, and home of legendary parties. Our goal is to build such an experience also in the Metaverse. The business model will incentivize Rumpel NFT holders. This is already a plan - not just a shiny point on the roadmap.




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