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Starlight NFT

Starlight NFT - The world's first 3-in-1 NFT project featuring Room, PFP and Land NFT with game utility! Welcome to Starlight NFT, the world's first fully immersive and interactive NFT project set to launch May 2022. 10,000 rooms onboard the Starlight interplanetary ship will be offered to valiant spacefarers who leave Earth and travel into the void of outer space. Compete against other holders to win NFT skins, and other exclusive digital loot. Starlight, it's never going to get better than this.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 6
Some people Love it!
  • Mint price: .1ETH
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Status: Great marketing


Phase 1 - 2022: Community Building, Mini-game development begins, 3D Asset Concepts/Designs.
Phase 2 - 2022: Starlight NFT Season 1 Mint, VR Experience developed for the Starlight Lobby.
Phase 3 - 2022: Starlight NFT Season 2 Mint, Launch of Starlight Mini-Game, Airdrops to holders, Expanded Starlight Walkthrough.
Phase 4 - 2023: Starlight Season 3 Mint, Starlight Game Launch.
Phase 5 - 2023: Starlight Seasonal Themed Events, Champion Tournament, Collaborations and Integrations of Metaverses.




30 people


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