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The Defi Mafia Presents: Dr. Körpus

Dr. Körpus and The Flesh öf Humanity series marks the beginning of an epic story set in a dystopian future where humanity exists in the Metaverse devoid of any physical connection.   The engineered DNA that Dr. Körpus had developed for Würld Pür was exactly what the Tech Oligarchy wanted. It was perfect. It was a prison. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution combined 46 chromosomes in a wondrous double helix pattern. The DNA molecule.  This is your chance to acquire one of the 462 original drawings from Dr. Körpus’ research as he prepares his army to save humanity from itself. The battle for The Flesh öf Humanity starts with Series Ö1. Dr. Körpus is the first fully integrated project launch by The DefiMafia.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 4
They are growing fast
  • Mint price: .666ETH
  • Collection supply: 462
  • Status: Starting to become big


Series Ö1 – May 2022
The battle for The Flesh öf Humanity begins. Be the first to own the original research notes and drawings from Dr. Körpus himself. Only 462 of these exquisite hand-drawn works of art will be released marking the beginning of this epic saga.

Ö2 June 2022
Work with Dr. Körpus as he continues to fight for The Flesh öf Humanity. You can use the DNA from your NFT and genetically engineered with another. What will come from a Devoret Vivere bred to a Matres Lac? Or a Homo Initium with a Messorem?

Series Ö3 Are you ready to join Dr. Körpus in the battle for the Flesh öf Humanity? This is a VERY limited number release of personalized NFTs. Your face will become the NFT available only for current holders of Series Ö1 & Ö2. More information to follow.
The Battle Begins!
Dr. Körpus NFT holders shall have VIP access to DefiMafia’s “Blood Bath”. Bring your soldier in the battle for The Flesh öf Humanity to the most gruesome hand-to-hand combat arenas to ever to exist on the blockchain. Sandbox platform takes shape, and Blood Bath is uploaded for first PVP action. Official Dr. Körpus Avatars are released for Sandbox use.




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