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The Hatters

On this day, our Royal Highness; The Queen of Hearts; issued the Hatter, a local milliner whom doctors deemed unfit for trial by reason of insanity, a sentencing order of life without time. Charged by the Knave of Hearts with the crime of “Wasting Time,” the Hatter finds himself stuck in an endless time-loop. His only way out is by travelling through the multidimensional metaverse, to find the one and only Hatter who can set him free. *His diary*(twitter: details The Hatter’s attempt to escape The Madness. Solve the Websites Riddle before 10/6 for WL Spot ➕Automatically Entered to WIN 1ETH Follow The Hatters Twitter for clues to access the WL.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 19592839
  • Mint price: .025ETH
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Status:


There’s more to the Hatters Story than anyone knows. Fully interactive Twitter Diary and Website. Will you be a guest at the Tea Party? Are you truly as Mad as a Hatter? Then join the journey and go down this rabbit hole. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.




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