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The NFTits Club

7,777 pairs of NFTits free'd in support of Free the Nipple and female empowerment! 30% of proceeds to go to female-focused charities! Don't miss out the chance to free some nipples and be a part of the action!

  • Mint price: 0.1ETH
  • Collection supply: 7777
  • Status: Hyped project


- Pre-Sale - April 6th via Tittielist
- Public Sale - April 8th πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
- The NFTits Club Collection goes Live βœ…
- 7,777 pairs of really NFTits will be free'd to support female empowerment globally

2️⃣ Charity Donation πŸŽ€
- We will be donating 30% of funds raised as part of the launch to female-focus charities. This is more than any other NFT project EVER!
- The list of charities will be composed and decided on by the community

2️⃣ Donate Royalties From Secondary Sales
- To continue to make an impact globally, royalties from secondary sales will be donated to our list of charities
- The % donated will be proportionate to the % of buyers who are still holding post mint (monthly snapshot)

3️⃣ The NFTits Club Foundation Wallet
- Foundation wallet will be set up, for continued donations from royalties

4️⃣ Introduce Community Incentives πŸš€
- We have several incentives planned to encourage NFTits sales above the floor price, benefit holders and the total amount raised for charity

5️⃣ Merch LaunchπŸ‘˜
- Slick & sexy NFTits merch for The NFTits Club Members will be launched ! You can proudly show your support for female focus charities and female empowerment!

6️⃣ Limited Edition Airdrop πŸ”‹
- A limited edition collection, The NFTits Retirement Club has been created specifically as part of our continued reward / support for OG Community Members
- We will be airdropping a limited edition collection to existing NFTits holders that possess the OG Titty Committee Role

7️⃣ Welcome to the TITTIEVERSE πŸŒ€




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