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The Puffers Club

Welcome to the Puffers Club, You’ve entered a prestigious Private Club Where 10,000 High Quality Puffer NFTs Gather, and Elevate Their minds. These Puffers are unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Puffer NFT Serves as your membership into this prestigious society

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 1
Just started
  • Mint price: .08ETH
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Status: Just started


Finding the best smoke takes time so we’re in this for the long run.
We’ve set up some Goals for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage,
we will begin to work on releasing The Puffers Club at The Puffers Lodge in MR (mixed reality) and on the metaverse..

Launch of The Puffers Club Website.

WhiteList Presale (1000 Spots)

Release of 7500 of The Puffers Club NFT Collection

(Pay off the Plug) We will Pay all people who believed and invested in us back.

One Lucky member Will Win A Oculus Quest 2

The Puffers Club gets its own Currency. Breadcoin ($BREAD) 10,000.00 Coins will be sent to Every members wallet. These Coins will be used to participate in Private Puffer Affairs ( Celebrity Meet & Greets, Private Puffer Smoke Sessions w/ special Guests, and Used to by exclusive Merch.)

Opening of the Puffers liquidity pool and the release of the The Puffers Club DAO. A way for the Puffer Community to use their puffer coins as a way to make passive income.

One Lucky Puffers Club Member will be chosen at random to receive a
Mercedes Benz C300 Sedan.

Members-Only Puffers Club Gift Shop gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition Rolling Trays, Grinders, Hoodies, and other exclusives assets.

Introduction to The High Roller Suite & the First 10 High Roller Suite Coins Will be up for auction, Only to those members who have a total of 3 or more Puffers.

Opening of The High Roller Suite & the release of 2000 High Roller Puffers, Only available to members of the High Roller Suite.

~ BIG RAFFLE FOR THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY~Make sure you’ve been Getting Your $BREAD up because only the top 100 $BREAD coin owners will be able to trade some $BREAD for a Spot to win a Very. Special gift on behalf of The Puffers Club staff and all Our Partners.

Release of 250 Cross Strain Puffers, leaving 250 spots left for exclusive puffer members to come together and customize.

Grand Opening of The Dispensary. ( An interactive Shop for




4 people


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