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NFTs attached to a clothing brand with an upcoming graphic novel

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-Minters will be entitled to a signed personalized thank you letter sealed with a wax seal.
-After the creation of our ERC-20 token (post-minting stage) on the Ethereum Blockchain, holders will be entitled to recurring income. The tokens will be given out on the 8th of every month. These tokens will also be available for purchase by NFT owners and those without our NFTs.
-Clothing, accessories and other exclusive products can be redeemed with these same tokens, or NFT holders can opt to simply keep their tokens.
-We are also planning to release a graphic novel that will ideally develop into a show over the next 5 years. Upon release of the book, holders can redeem copies signed (optional) by both the author and the illustrator(s). Holders will also be permitted to vote on some brand visuals, direction, and partnerships, as well as for the graphic novel.
-For those of you less interested in growing your investment along with the brand, we will also throw 2 cash giveaways as thank you's for investing in elevating the brand. The cash giveaways will be: one month after every NFT has been minted, and the 3rd of August for $18,000 each.
-Lastly, after every other step of the roadmap is completed, we will be launching our luxury brand with exclusive early access & free redeemable pieces for our NFT holders.




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