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VispX is the first-ever launchpad allowing XBorg NFT holders to directly participate in IDOs via our launchpad without holding the VispX Token. We aim to completely remove the barrier of entry for retail investors in addition to giving holders a powerhouse of utility and benefits never seen before in the launchpad arena. XBORG NFT UTILITY 💰 Access to IGO and IDOs Unlimited participation in IDO that launch via VispX launchpad 💰 The YieldBox Generator The YieldBox acts as your passive income generator. Projects that we launch will inject their tokens into the YieldBox for XBorg NFT holders to claim. 🤖 Exclusive DAO Access Owning a XBorg NFT makes you a member of the VispX DAO with voting rights.

Hyped ratio 1/10: Hyped number 5
There is a Hype!
  • Mint price: 0.95ETH
  • Collection supply: 5500
  • Status: Good building


June - Minting goes live
June - NFT integration with VispX launchpad
June - DAO Access Unlocking

July - IDO mechanism goes live for NFT holders
July - YieldBox Live
July - Royalties distribution

Aug - XBorg marketplace goes live




15 people


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