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3 COLD DISHES NFT is the first African NFT Film Fund Investment. The film tells the story of trafficked young girls across the West African borders, mixing the genres of crime, thriller and action to create a mind-bending experience that will not be forgotten in a haste and 45% of the proceeds across Film, Series and Music Sales will be distributed to holders of the NFT. Spec 7,555 Unique NFT 5 Tribes Ethereum Chain Mint Starts March 3 Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 80
  • Collection supply: 7555
  • Floor price: 0.1ETH
  • View on Marketplace: 3 COLD DISHES NFT


Phase 1
- Community Building /Giveaway
- Marketing (Listing Sites)
- Minting : Mar 3
- More Marketing (When we hit 10% sales on Militia Tribe (400 Militias) – We will boost marketing to big calendar listing sites , A Big Youtube Influencer review and every possible spot for marketing
- When we hit 50% sales (3700 3CDS Sales) We will proceed immediately on the film principal photography and there’s no going back on this big DREAM!  
- At 80% Sales (6000 Sales) we will on-board 2 of the musical artistes in-consideration for original soundtrack production, and get get a video ads from them, using their influence to sky-rocket the collections
- When we sell out Militias, Protectors, Healers and Leaders, WE WILL LAUNCH & Reveal immediately and boost marketing for Legends to find new homes.
- Big NFT Open Exhibition Event (March 6)
-1st Donation
- We will set up an exclusive behind the scene link on KOJI only accessible to holders and other pecks, exclusive access to Video AMA on film set view a private link- When we SOLD out, we will do a raffle exclusively to holders and we will sponsor all expense paid trip + accommodation and welfare to 1 community member to join the production set and experience life on a movie set.- More Marketing + Celebrity Endorsement 
- DAO + P2E GAME Development 
- Idea generation + Market research.
- Hire the team + white-paper + roadmap.
- Marketing + Community Expansion.-  Consolidate the 3CDS NFTs with the new add-ons.
- DAO Smart Contract + Audit
- Presale + Liquidity Launch
- Staking & Bonding
- Governance
- Open Submission to solid projects around Films & Concerts for Investment Consideration
- Phase 2 Investment structure to raise treasury.
- Borrow Stable using your 3CDS NFTs as collateral to lend 60% of the value

Consolidate!- 3CDS Game Development
- Audited by Verichains.
- Implement 3CDS Game.
- Weekly leaderboard competitions.

- Expand the platform on other chains.
- More Partnerships + Add-ons




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