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Anthroposeries 1.0

Art making is an identity making process.  We invite you for an adventure of co-creation and fun. Anthroposeries 1.0 is the genesis LDMK collection of 99 unique 1/1 NFT artworks. The collection is released through May 2022 by 3 airdrops of 33 NFTs each.  Real human beings ( ha! ) are the inspiration for the fictional characters of the Anthroposeries. The NFTs capturing moments, moods and gestures from an original movie project are crafted into memetic puzzles inviting the spectator onto an imaginative journey. The 33 artwork tickets from the final drop give access to a 3 day gathering event where we will meet and co-create the footage for the Anthroposeries 2.0 NFT project.

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Phase One | First drop of 33 NFTs | May 2nd I Completed ☆

Phase Two | Second drop of 33 NFTs I May 9th
Giveaway of 1 NFT - Follow us on Twitter

Phase Three | Third drop of 33 NFT artwork tickets I May 16th
Giveaway of 1 NFT - Follow us on Twitter

Phase Four | Release of the second LDMK collection of 333 NFTs - Details TBA
All Anthroposeries 1.0 NFT owners will get a free NFT from the next NFT collection.

Phase Five | Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event in 2023 - Details TBA
The owners of the Anthroposeries 1.0 ticket artworks are invited to participate in the Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event.

Phase Six | Anthroposeries 2.0 NFT collection release. Details TBA

By 100% sales of Anthroposeries 1.0, 10% of the generated funds will be donated to a local organisation helping cats. We love animals and we are committed to contribute further by creating a Foundation for care and protection of cats.




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