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Cachorro Caramelo NFT

The first NFTs collection with the Brazillian essence, represented by the national symbol caramel dog, which is easily found everywhere in Brazil! It also has accessories inspired by the country's culture. Cachorro Caramelo NFT is a collection of 10000 collectible NFTs of adorable and unique caramel dogs available on the Polygon blockchain. Our goal is to help institutions that rescue animals from risky situations, promote the work of national artists and inform about new technologies like NFT.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 16
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 0.005ETH
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01% sold - Bonus NFTs: We will send 1 bonus NFT to each of the first 10 buyers.

05% sold - Custom pins: We will send 1 custom pin of the original caramel dog to each of the first 50 buyers.

10% sold - Giveaways: For every 1000 sales, we will randomly select 10 owners to receive 1 NFT and 1 pin.

50% sold - Brazil trip: We will randomly select 1 owner to receive a Brazilian culture trip, with a companion and all paid. (Destinations: Amazônia, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul).

75% sold - World trip: We will randomly select 1 owner to receive a trip around the world, with a companion and all paid, to discover the cultures that most influenced Brazilian miscigenation. (Destinations: Europe, Africa, Asia and Brazil).

100% sold - Expansion: The Cachorro Caramelo NFT will be expanded to a global scale and will assist many institutions around the world.




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