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Citizens of Dystopia

Lugh Hastur shows disturbed beings, insecure creatures who squeeze themselves into painful disguises. Unpleasant to painful contraptions hide their faces. However, the »Citizens of Dystopia« proudly display their conformity. Hastur himself is not excluded; he too hides his identity behind a mask.

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The »Citizens of Dystopia« is a pure and authentic art project. The art collection is constantly being expanded to finally 99 individual portraits are created.

After creating the last of the 99 Citizens of Dystopia Lugh Hastur will disappear again. The existence of Lugh Hastur starts and ends with the projects.

At the moment Lugh Hastur is continually creating his Citizens of Dystopia and a new »Citizen« will released weekley. The last Citizen of Dystopia will be presented in the middle of 2023 and end the project »Citizens of Dystopia«.




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