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Cool Panda Club

Cool Panda Club is a 10.000 NFT collection, which are designed through the combination of more than 100 hand-drawn unique layers. There are as well 3 special, one of a kind designs which are also rewarding the one who mints them in MATIC(250, 500 and 1.000). The roadmap is a promising one, looking forward to creating giveaways, contests and rewarding the Cool Panda Holders even more(2000 MATIC giveaway, 2000 MATIC for raising the floor price, Cool Panda NFTs giveaway)! Upcoming 10.000 MATIC donation to a community chosen NGO protecting the pandas and at the end of the minting process creating a DAO community wallet, with the possibility of purchasing Metaverse land, so all the pandas have a place to relax and socialize together!

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 100
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 0.004ETH
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Giveaway of 25 Cool Panda NFTs to random members from Discord.

2.000 MATIC giveaway to 2 Cool Panda Holders + 2.000 MATIC buyback to raise the floor price.

Donating 10.000 MATIC to a community chosen NGO, which is committed to the conservation of panda life.

Creating a community wallet(DAO), which will be funded at the end of the minting process with 10.000 MATIC and a weekly 2.5% from the secondary market sales. The DAO community votes on which crypto projects to reinvest.(*)
*DAO funds could be also used for purchasing Metaverse land in order to offer the 3D home of adorable Cool Panda NFTs where people can socialize with eachother.




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