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CRIPTOVID-19 is a collection of NFTs that represents a memory of what the world has been through during the time of the pandemic. The Covid-19 virus was able to impose a common lifestyle on humans without worrying about their differences. This collection is a means of communication to have a community that will support a future IT project that the Covid-19 virus is his idol. Presale : MAY 22, 2022 [0.19 ETH] Public Sale : MAY 31, 2022 [0.22 ETH]

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 10
  • Collection supply: 11019
  • Floor price: 0ETH
  • View on Marketplace: Criptovid19


STEP 1 (Done)- Launch Roadmap : This part of the roadmap concerns the presentation of the Nfts collection "Criptovid-19"

STEP 2 (Done)-Community : Interact with the community to get their feedback

STEP 3 (Done)-Launch Whitelist Sale [Price : 0.11 ETHER] : Period for collaborators in the whitelist to mint an Nft

STEP 4 - Launch Presale [Price : 0.19 ETHER] : Period for our community to mint NFTs

STEP 5 - Launch Public Sale [Price : 0.22 ETHER] : Launch of the Nfts collection for public sale

STEP 6 -Reveal : Reveal Minted Nfts

STEP 7 -Marketing : All miners can resell the Nfts and earn a profit & Miners and last buyers will have particular advantages in the upcoming project

STEP 8 - Launch the rest of the Roadmap( This part will reveal the steps of implementation of the upcoming IT Project)




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