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Crypto Dragonies P2E NFT

Crypto Dragonies P2E NFT Game Announcement Crypto Dragonies is a collection of 10,000 NFTs and is a free-to-play P2E Game. Hand-crafted from over 150 traits based on the Ethereum network with ERC-721. Our unique Crypto Dragonies is built on top of the metaverse, with the future abilities to breed, battle, and earn.

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Q2 2022
Discord, Twitter & Instagram lunch
Whitelist access to mint first
Crypto Dragonies NFTs available for mint

Q3 2022
Building and stabilizing the community
Events, prizes and giveaways

Q4 2022
Adding features to the smart contact like breeding and earning
Adding Eggs for more dragons to come

Q1 2023
Community to vote on a Video for our NFT P2E Game
More NFT WL and giveaways for the new upcoming NFT Game

Q2 2023
Creating the code and art on the Cryptodragonies P2E game on the metaverse
Community to vote on the game style

Q3 2023
Lunching the NFT Game on the metaverse




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