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Crypto Poems Records

Real-world artworks fused using steganography before tokenising them in Crypto Poems Records Collection. Unique crypto poem digital copy + Unique Audio track + Unique digital art hidden inside, safe from theft and plagiarism. Each Crypto Poems NFT token grants the holder the Conduits of Genesis Membership. Check the complete information and whitepaper about the Conduits of Ash project and Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection on our website:

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 12
  • Collection supply: 100
  • Floor price: 0.25ETH
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Q1 2022: Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection launch.
Q2 2022: Environmental NFT Collection launch in partnership with environmental agency.
Q3 2022: Crypto Poems Records Manuscripts NFT Collection launch (the manuscripts of the real-world poems)
Q3 2022: Mental Health NFT Collection launch in partnership with mental health agency.
Q4 2022: The 1st fantasy book from the saga will be published
exclusively on the blockchain, using the NFT ecosystem.




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