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Cyber Ape Yacht Club

-GambleStakes: A staking DAO, granting CAYC owners the ability to stake your CAYC onto a popular crypto casino and receive a percentage of casino profits monthly, percentage dependent on traits. -Discounts: 30%-60% off a room/stay at Caesars Palace for the duration of the "Sons of Legends fight on April 29th." -Metaverse (cont.): Access to 3 exclusive Metaverse Enclaves on over 250 acres of land. -Metaverse (cont.): Access to a one of a kind Ready Player One based Easter Egg Hunt "The Hunt" which thousands of CAYC owners will play through clues, quests, puzzles, and games in search for the final Ethereum wallet, valued at $250,000 USD.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 40
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 1ETH
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-The Cyber Ape Yacht club is a collection of 10,000 Unique Cyber Apes that are launching as ERC-721
collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain. Owning an ape serves as your passport into the
Sandbox/Metaverse hunt, and many more exclusive, unlockable, online and real life communities.
- Family and Friends Presale ends on February 4th, all completely randomized through IPFS servers.
- Initial Release to February 15th for the first 500 Cyber Apes.
- Full Release of #500-2000 March 1 on OpenSea
-Website and Mobile Application also Available for Owners to Access for the Easter Egg!
-Complete release from #2000-10000, TBD.
- May 15th First 100 Release Available to Start Easter Egg Hunt.
- June 15th Company Voters Investment Allocation (Charities).
- August 15th Second Season Preview Party (Location TBD).
- October 15th Vegas Meetup Party.
- Celebrities will be on board, it's just a guarantee. No need to believe us though, we're not worried
about that part of it.
-Initial Floor Price of 1 ETH, 40 confirmed traits, and our team is already working with to get
everything rarity related release as soon as humanly possible for you all.




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