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DeadFishNuggets is a limited collection of 1500 handmade DFNDirty NFTs that exist on Ethereum blockchain. All of our NFTs are made by talented artists. There will be 3 seasons of DeadFishNuggetsDirty collection which includes 500 NFTs each. You have to own at least one season 1 NFT to get whitelisted to season 2 and 3. All DFNDirty holders will get a lifetime pass to all of the events of DeadFishNuggets including raffles, giveaways, and more. When season 2 sells out, we will donate to organizations that are cleaning our oceans. DeadFishNuggets is one of the most interesting and exclusive NFT projects on the market.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 110
  • Collection supply: 1500
  • Floor price: 0.05ETH
  • View on Marketplace: DeadFishNuggets


2022 Q1
Discord, Twitter Instagram Launch

Website under development

Start to release DFNDirty Season 1 NFTs

Website Launch

2022 Q2
Webshop Launch

Seafood NFT Collection (Details will be announced soon)

Partnership for the Charity events

2022 Q3
Start to release DFNDirty Season 2 NFTs

2022 Q4
Halloween and Christmas airdrops and raffles for DFNDirty

NFT owners (Details will be announced)

2023 Q1
Start to release DFNDirty Season 3 NFTs




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