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Dickey Specials Improved

All the Dickey Collection Specials reinvented under the styles of the greatest artists of all time! From Van Gogh to Andy Warhol grab your Dickey Special! Each Dickey Special will receive its special Reinvention!

Total Trading volume:


ABOUT THE PRICE? Very easy: each new collection will have a higher price by 10-15% than the previous one. So if the first collection’s floor price is 0.01ETH, the Second one will have a floor price of 0.011-0.0115 (Epics, Legendaries and Specials are included of course :D )
Q1! Indeed almost ended but better late than never!

First 1K pieces to be minted!

3 Legendaries (1 given with the LOOT POTS), at least 10 EPICS, at least 3 Specials!

Social Media Moguls!

Building the media platforms for amazing marketing: Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram etc.

Sharing is caring!

Sharing and resharing this cool project with the world!
Q2! Building the community!

Creating the CODEX!

This will be the Community way of interacting and deciding this Project destiny!

Charity Projects!

Making a difference, even a small one, is part of this Project main ideals. We as a community have to build a better world even if in small steps. Choosing good charities to help will be a must!


Be it NFT Artists, Promoters, Influencers (small or big) our community has to grow and grow!

More Minting and GIVEAWAYS!

10K is the goal!!!! 1.000 more items in no time!
Q3! Giving back to the Community!

From pixels to atoms!

Showing off is part of the adventure! Put it on the wall, Wear it, Drink from it or simply enlarge your figurine collection…bringing the Dickeys IRL is a must!

Lottery for the community and GIVEAWAYS!

I've seen lots of lotteries online for NFTs owner giving away watches, boats and whatever else might sound cool and expensive. How about 25% of the gainings of each Quarter?

Going 3D!

Although 2D pictures are cool, imagine how cool would some 3D specials be.
Q4! Winter is coming! And so is Christmas/Hannukah and the new year!

Starting the Metaverse Dickey Adventure!

Building a Metaverse Communities holding awesome charity parties and even more awesome conventions to create a better next year!

Christmas Charities and GIVEAWAYS!





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