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Dimensional Effect

Let me introduce you to my Dimensional Effects collection. It is a beautiful video art with a vivid emotional story. However, the greatest value of these tokens is that their owners also own the copyright to use the content as they see fit, both personally and commercially. This means that the owner can not only use the artwork in print or digital format for everyday enjoyment, but also reproduce and sell it or create their own unique product, whatever that may be. And the token itself acts as a key with which the owner can download a high-resolution artwork sequence. And additional content that was created during the creation of the original artwork.

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  • Total traits: 37
  • Collection supply: 0
  • Floor price: 0.3ETH
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2022 q1
Mint 37 Mirages/AudioVideoArtworks as "Dimensional Effect" colection.

2022 q2
Create a fully automated copyright claim with web3 NFT artwork authentication. All works of art in the collection include added value - they can be used to access the image sequence in .png format. These are 200+ artwork video footage that can be used in both commercial and non-commercial ways.

2022 q3
Create a publicity and discott channel where the artist will announce the news of the collection. The owner of the artwork will be able to meet to change or make offers for the copyright of another work in the collection. The copyright in the content of a work of art is acquired by each individual who has held or holds an NFT token with the specific work of art.

2022 q4
Create an explanatory video showing how to use the added value of tokens. And clame copyright of artwork with NFT.

2022 q5
The author reveals his experience and project storry. Which will increase the value of the collection!

More news about this project will follow on this website.




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