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Drunken Monkey Society represents a collection of 10,000 unique Monkeys categorized by levels of rarity and generated with dozens of elements. Drunken Monkeys are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on an interplanetary file system (IPFS). Our goal is to create a community of investors and entrepreneurs gathered around Web 3.0 opportunities, While building an IRL company to benefit its holders.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 77
  • Collection supply: 10000
  • Floor price: 0.08ETH
  • View on Marketplace: DrunkenMonkeySociety


1. 2,222 3D Drunken Monkey Society (counsel members) will be available on the market for .05 ETH. Must have a Drunken Monkey Original NFT to have mint opportunity. A total of 6,666 3D NFT Counsel Members will be available in the collection
2. 22,220 more 3D Beers will be revealed at the Drunken Monkey Society online Bar for 0.01 Eth. It will take 10 3D beers to be eligible for your free upgrade to a 3D NFT Counsel Member
3. 15,554 Glasses of wine will be revealed at the Drunken monkey Society online Bar for .025 Eth. It will take 7 glasses of wine to become eligible for your free upgrade to a 3D NFT Counsel Member
4. 8,888 Shot of the best liquor will be revealed at the Drunken Monkey Society online bar for .035 Eth. It will take 4 shots of liquor to become eligible for your free upgrade toa 3D NFT Counsel Member
5. The 3D NFT Counsel Members are given full voting rights and access to Community polls.
6. Once the first 4,444 3D Counsel Members have been upgraded to, we will begin the Auction for the 7 - 3D Spirit Elders Starting at 0.01 Eth. The 3D spirit Elders (one who wears a the crown) are the ones who continue oversight of the Society and always have. These 7 will be part of the Consulting team for the DMS Beer Co.
7. Once 7 Spirit Elders have been claimed those 7 will be invited on an all inclusive trip to a beer tasting with a brew master to help find the best DMS beer recipe. At this point the DMS team of businessmen will be working on licensing deals for the recipe with micro-breweries all over. The recipe will then be turned into a NFT and auctioned back to the NFT Holders. Auction will last 3 weeks. Open to 2D NFT holders for one week, 3D counsel members for 2 weeks, and the 7 Spirit Elders for 3 weeks. All concurrent with the Elders having last bid opportunities.
8. With the Beer recipe NFT comes full rights to the recipe including all licensing deals and the income it generates.




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