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Duckz Legacy

The Legacy Duckz NFT Collection represents the physical and digital worlds colliding. Each Duckz was lovingly crafted in layers to produce one-of-a-kind and rare characters from a cast of over 350. These incredible 3333 Duckz are not only beautiful fine art JPEGs to possess, but they also get you access to members-only features that will be disclosed over time. The Duckz plan to take over the Metaverse pond will be carried out by Legacy Duckz. Assist the Flock in their quest to reach the Metaverse Pond. Lets Quack Together ! Community - Art - Mission - Social Impact Duckz (Pixel - Legacy - Mutant - Voxel) will ever exists, get yours now.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 395
  • Collection supply: 3333
  • Floor price: 0.002ETH
  • View on Marketplace: Duckz Legacy


β€’ Launch of the 3333 Duckz Legacy Collection with ERC-721 Smart Contract βœ…
β€’ Holders of the PolyDuckz Pixel Collection will receive Free 1:1 Airdrop to the Legacy Collection as of 30Mar’22 βœ…
β€’ Ongoing giveaways and whitelist access to NFT projects Duckz World collaborates with πŸ•’
β€’ Staking Rewards Contract Deployment $PDZ token πŸ•’
β€’ ERC20 Token Deployment - $PDZ token πŸ•’
β€’ 100 Legacy Duckz 1:1 SuperHero characters for Genesis Pixels and Legacy OGs, then at discounted for other Duckz HODLRs ( post 100% Legacy Sell Out) πŸ•’
β€’ 100% Pixel SOLD OUT - Raise the FP to 0.01 ETH πŸ•’
β€’ Identify & Support 2 Charity Partners ( Community will Poll) πŸ•’
β€’ 0.5 ETH added to the Utility Pool. Exclusive Fund from Royalties to Genesis & above HODLRs ( post 100% Pixel Sell Out) πŸ•’
β€’ Launch Duckz mfers, that would let HODLR mint using the $PDZ Token or at a discounted mint price πŸ•’
β€’ Community Building : Engagements, Events, Marketing & Promotions




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