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Embrace The Journey

Embrace the Journey NFTs are about capturing the courageous moments where we dare greatly, fail greatly, and eventually achieve greatly. These are fleeting, personal, and unique moments that convey a world of meaning. 12-year-old gymnast, soccer star, honor student, and son of former coach and trainer of world and Olympic champions creates his art by first spending countless hours perfecting his technique, then with professional photographs creating images depicting the significant moments from the competition. His art communicates what it feels like to be under pressure and find the courage to perform and eventually achieve. These are unique moments that can change the destiny and trajectory of his life. Proceeds fund his training.

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  • Floor price: 0.05ETH
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2022 Q2: Launch with 1st 100 NFT's 4/1/2022
2022 Q2: Market & Release 100 NFTs with Increased Floor Price
2022 Q3: Incrementally Release Remaining of 10K NFTs
2022 Q4: Release Soccer and Gymnastic Video NFTs
2022 Q4: Release 'Achiever' NFTs
2022 Q4: Launch Merchandise Line
2023 Q1: Seed Round




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