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Welcome to our Ramen Shop! The Full Belly Club is a NFT project created to offer continuous value to its community. Our first collection is a savory Ramen NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. No two ramen are alike, and you'll never know what the Ramen Chef will cook up! More than just a profile picture, a Ramen NFT will unlock bonus drops and give holders a chance to vote on what comes next... Ramen is only the beginning!

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 180
  • Collection supply: 20000
  • Floor price: 0.08ETH
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💎 Hold Ramen = Free S1 Character
🧪 Generative Drop = Created @ Mint
🧑‍⚖️ Judge Community Votes = Equal Voice
⚛️ Carbon Neutral = Offset Emissions

1️⃣ March 2022: Presale minting begins at The chef is happy, the ramen is perfect and ready to mint, early slurpers (Presale List) get a first taste of ramen! Community wallet receives 10 % of all minting.

2️⃣ March 2022: Public minting begins at 24 hours later and the reviews are in, get ready for a rush to the ramen counter! Community wallet receives 10 % of all minting.

3️⃣ Every Sunday: AMA session on Discord with founders and guests to explain our chef's secrets!

4️⃣ April 2022: First community vote for Season 1 Bonus Collection. Time to fill your belly! Holding a ramen gives you a vote and an opportunity to help guide the next steps of Full Belly Club. Vote will be on Discord for holders of Ramen NFTs.

5️⃣ April 2022: Full Belly Club Ramen becomes carbon neutral through purchase of carbon offsets. We want people to enjoy ramen for generations to come!

6️⃣ August 2022: Release of Season 1 Collection. Your second course is here! For every Ramen NFT you own, you get a complimentary season one NFT. A further 10,000 season one NFTs will be released to cater to new members who missed opening hours the first time around!

7️⃣ September 2022 and beyond: Season 2 Collection, Off Center Studios project, collaborations, etc. Our chefs have big plans and are constantly developing new recipes!

Come for the Ramen, stay for the vibes!




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