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Gloomins NFT

A collection of 3,333 unique, procedural 3D generated & iconic Gloomins, mark a new kind of 3D Non-Fungible Token (abb. NFT) collectible experience. The procedural approach ensures a real 1:1 NFT experience. Each Gloomin NFT will contain various functions. DAO features, PFP usable, Collectible & 3D Art piece & holder benefits. The whole 3D Artwork was led & created by Co-Founder & Artist @Gheist.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 150
  • Collection supply: 3333
  • Floor price: 0.12ETH
  • View on Marketplace: Gloomins NFT


Our Roadmap is lean & based. But our goal is uniquely defined. Gloomins are build for the Metaverse. However, to ensure this step we need to reach several goals first. So please DYOR on our roadmap to understand the development & milestones.

- Mint
- Sold out 50%
- Charity & Community Treasury
- Dark Battle Twitter Game Integration
- Giveaways & Rewards
- Sold out 100%
- Roadmap Dark 5️⃣  2.0
- Brand & IRL SWAG
- Game- & Metaverseready fullbody Gloomins




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