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HellDog NFT

The HellDog NFT Collection is a multi-collection project that will tie into many future projects under the Wrong Artist brand. The genesis collection consists of 21 hand-drawn 1 of 1 HellDogs, and its accompanying collection (HellDog Sentinels), consists of 12 HellDog Sentinels limited to 10 NFTs per Sentinel. Our latest collection consists of a generative drop of 888 HellDog NFTs that will combine with our next generative drop of 888 HellDog Potions. Mint date is May 3rd 2022, 0.08ETH/Mint.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 1
  • Collection supply: 888
  • Floor price: 1.2ETH
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Roadmap 1.0: The Underworld

1.0: The Original 21 HellDog NFTs

21 HellDogs are born and are ready to embark on their journey ahead. What secrets will they uncover and who else will come aboard?

1.1: HellDog Sentinel Lunar NFTs

The 21 HellDogs have realized they always need protectors. The 12 Sentinels have been picked up along the way to guard and protect the HellDogs along their journey.

1.2: 888 Generative HellDog NFTs

The time has come for the 21 HellDogs to recruit new members on this journey. 888 brave souls have volunteered to discover what lies ahead at the end of the ride.

1.3: HellDog Holder Merch Store

It isn’t a journey without proper gear. It is here where all our passengers on the journey will be able to suit up for what lies ahead.

1.4: Serum Drop NFTs

Something isn’t right… things are changing… what’s happening to all the passengers…

1.5: Portal to a New World

The first part of our journey is complete. It’s time to connect and celebrate the completion of our first journey together. However, this journey has just begun and it’s time to uncover what lies ahead…




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