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About LWood...... By LWood NFT collections are from encounters during world travels of LWood. Travel include circumnavigation of the globe on several occasions with opportunities to visit people and share customs and cultures. From primitive villages in Papua New Guinea, multiple Pacific islands and atolls to the peaks of Egyptian Pyramids, Potala Palace in Tibet and North Face Base Camp at Chomolungma (Mount Everest). NFTs include art and photos of the most interesting cultures, people, places and things. Because of the large collection, pieces will be minted periodically so as not to overwhelm. The initial collections are only a start. Most NFTs are limited editions or one of a kind. It's good plan to buy 1 to keep and display.

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About The LWood Foundation
If The LWood Foundation is successful, the goal is to share, visit and help. Share - A portion of all NTF sells will go directly to benefit cultures depicted in an NFT. Visit & Help - The LWood Foundation, when optimally funded will work to arrange travel to visit cultures, people and places similar to that of your NFT and there also plan humanitarian help service projects The size of the foundation and benefits depends on the financial success of LWood NFT. Be an early adopter and gain the most future LWood Foundation benefits. If The LWood Foundation is succeeds with funding and goals, imagine being on a chartered luxury journey to share experiences with cultures, people and places similar to that of your NFT.




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