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Mystical monster girls

Mystical monster girls - is the first collection of 8 888 beautiful and slightly scary monster girls. They are the first of the awakened beings in our Mystical NFT gallery. Global mission - Spread the mystical art in this world 馃敭. Open themed NFT gallery in one of the metaverses 馃柤. Giving NFT collectors and artists the opportunity to showcase the best of fantasy, mysticism and magic art and sell them if they so desire. Opening a gallery requires a lot of mystical powers and energy, so several collections are expected to be released. Types of NFT: 1. 袨rdinary 2. 小ollectible 3. Rare 4. Not for sale - 10 nft are the property of the team Total 10 runs 888 art. Each edition will increase the price.

Total Trading volume:


Sale up to 30%
- creation
- sale
- set of audience
- collabs
- team selection
- website creation
- discord opening
Sale 30 - 50%
- 15% profit for buyback
- choice of metaverse
- launch of a new collection
Sales 50 -100%
- Gallery creation
- Preparation of a collection with the owners of places for the NFT
- Opening
- Running ads

Changes will be made as the project develops.




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