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Art revealed After Purchase! Which one will you get? PUTIN WAR GAMES is a Critic in the Metaverse to the Actual Situation between Putin and Ukraine and how he brought an unacceptable WAR at Ukraine. Be part of the Actual History at the Metaverse with this Handcrafted collection. Seems that Putin is willing to follow the same Past msitakes (WWII) bringing all of us to what can be a Complete Global Disaster. Thats how I see today Vladimir Putin, someone that decided to invade Ukraine following the History Steps of Adolf Hitler, as if Hitler was his Master carring on his will. The original Concept was hand drawn in a sketchbook with traditional methods, using Charcoals on medium surface Drawing Paper, That is one of the Art Pieces you can g

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-2022 Q1: Release of 39 Unique Art Pieces including "Star Wars" References
-2022 Q2: Expansion of 10+ new Unique Art Pieces including "The Conjuring Cinematic Universe" References
-2022 Q3: Expansion of 5+ new Unique Art Pieces including "Pop Culture" References
-2022 Q4: Original Sketch in Medium Drawing paper 9x12 inch will be given to one of the Putin War Games Community owners, plus a personalized Sketch.




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