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This small, rare nft collection has been created in recognition of all those people, all over the world, who have questioned, struggled, been fired, silenced, ridiculed, censored, robbed of their livelihoods, freedoms and health. We are living through an unprecedented era in history with the Plandemic which commenced in 2019 and was named Covid 19 – even though the first patent can be easily sourced on an official public site for means of testing for Covid 19 in October 2015. This NFT collection supports upholding the Nuremburg Code and basic human rights which have been eroded by world leaders. It is to bring to light the courage, grit and determination by so many people in order to protect our inalienable rights to live freely...

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So, have you been lied to?

What if there is no emergency and they are not “safe vaccines.”

Never in our history have we endured so many crises at the same time. It’s a carefully orchestrated and planned event with biased reporting, politicized science, and exaggerated medical claims.

It all started when a mysterious virus emerged from the Wuhan area in China. Coincidentally there is a laboratory there where Anthony Fauci was funding research into “Gain of Function?”

Initially, this possible

“leak and potentially manmade virus” was treated as a thoroughly debunkedconspiracy theory. Those who dared to suggest otherwise were silenced. But things began to change when numerous scientists called for a more rigorous investigation of the mysterious “lab leak.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.




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