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Psycho Smileys

Psycho Smileys are a collection of 5,000 uniquely generated (erc721) Smileys, on the Polygon blockchain. Starting off as a test project by their creator to learn the ropes of creating generative nft art, they couldn't take the testing anymore and went Psycho! Running solo, the creator looks to collaborate with, and bring his tattoo artist brother into the picture. More at!

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 54
  • Collection supply: 5000
  • Floor price: 0.05ETH
  • View on Marketplace: Psycho Smileys


- December 2021

✅ Smiley art compiled + 5,000 Psycho Smileys uniquely generated.

✅ Test and deploy Psycho Smileys contract to Polygon (Matic) Mainnet.

✅ Create & publish website.

- End 2021

✅ Psycho Smileys NFT drop prep.

- January 2022

✅Public Sale: January 2nd, 2022

Smiley sweep from the OpenSea floor at:
50% + 75% + 100% of mint
These will be held for potential giveaways.

Psycho Smileys revealed within 24hrs at 100% mint, or January 9th.

- Q1 2022

-After all 5,000 Psycho Smileys have been minted:

Psycho Smileys tattoo on creator, inked by his brother.
Will be posted here when it's finished!

-Then, every week holders will be chosen to receive the following:

Week1: Personalized canvas of Psycho Smileys NFT art. (~$500)
5 holders chosen (on twitter) will select their favorite Smiley that they own, and will receive it printed on a 12x12 canvas frame.
Personalized hand written creator signature, short message + Smiley # (optional)

Week2: 50 Matic giveaway.
5 holders selected (on twitter) to receive a share of 50 Matic (10/each)

Week3: 50 Matic giveaway.
2 holders selected (on twitter) to receive a share of 50 Matic (25/each)

Week4: 50 Matic giveaway.
1 holder selected (on twitter) to receive 50 Matic!

- Q2 2022

Continue weekly giveaways if not complete.

The rest of this roadmap has been put on hold.. As our creator has been included in a bigger project from the beginning of 2022..

This is not the end, and expect this to be updated when collaboration with Creator's brother begins!
All Smileys will have the opportunity to claim Whitelist for the collaboration project.

- Q3 2022

To be continued...




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