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Scorverse is a P2E game of fighting between Scorpions to survive, the game allows players to choose their favorite character from several playable characters and then fight against various enemies in a series of duels to the death. In our world, we're combining Multi-NFT types, because we want to give everything in our world the option to be owned, exactly like IRL.

Total Trading volume:
  • Total traits: 20
  • Collection supply: 333
  • Floor price: 0.55SOL
  • View on Marketplace: Scorverse


Phase 1 - Art launch

✔ Mint Step 1 : Launch and Mint of 333 Scorpion NFTs in Quarter 1 2022.
✔ Listings on secondary marketplaces (Magiceden + Solanart)
✔ 30% of secondary market royalties will be allocated to our Scorpion Club Community Wallet.
✔ Create a voting system for holders to vote on ways to use funds in community wallets, Ex: Floor sweeps, giveaways, passive income for holders (mining and investing), etc.
Phase 2 - Game

✔ Mint Step 2 : 333 Scorpion will be airdropped to holders 10 days after the original mint date.
✔ Development of play-to-earn Scorverse Ecosystem in Solana Blockchain
✔ Scorpion holders can earn Sol tokens by playing the game
✔ $SCOR Token release + airdrop
✔ Staking + DEX Listing
Phase 3 - Marketplace

✔ launch of 3rd version of 333 NFTs + airdrop for holders
✔ launching game on android + ios
✔ launching game on desktop
Phase 4 - Metaverse

✔ Development of SCORVERSE breeding mechanism
✔ Development of SCORVERSE DAO
✔ Entering the Metaverse (Roadmap V2)




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