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Shibanauts is a collection of the adorable dog shiba inu and all of his extraterrestrial breeds <3, ternally written on the Polygon network The colection consists of 5000 randomly generated shibas.Come with us to Mars!

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  • Total traits: 76
  • Collection supply: 5000
  • Floor price: 0.015ETH
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25%-we stopped our journey to mars on the moon, we explored this natural satellite and found 5 new shibas that we decided to share with you through a giveway
50%-We're already halfway there, we've developed new shiba races here inside the ship, but we haven't forgot about our terrestrial friends, so our breeders will donate food and supplies to kennels across the country.
100%- thank you so much for all your support, we have finally arrived and we are looking forward to explore this great planet.
But this is not the end... At least for our creators, they will share with you their newest charity project, hope you like it




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